History of Rectangular Watches

Rectangular watches have always been unique timepieces in design. In the early days of watchmaking, it was actually much more difficult to fit a mechanical movement into a rectangular case. Not only does a rectangular movement take up more space, but the case around it is also more difficult to design. That’s why most watches were basically circular in design. It is this innate uniqueness that has made the rectangular watch a symbol of sophistication and style over the last century.

What is a rectangular watch called?

Collectors sometimes refer to rectangular watches as “Tanks” even though they are not Cartier models. Typically, however, rectangular watches are called that way. Square watches also fall into the category of rectangular watches. However, usually these watches will only be labeled as square watches.

Rectangular Rolex Watches’ Facts

– The rectangular watch is one of the earliest models ever created by Rolex.

– Many of Rolex’s earliest rectangular watches predate the invention of the Oyster case.

– Rectangular Rolex watches have a square or rectangular case.

– Most rectangular Rolex watches are produced in the Cellini collection.

– Rectangular Rolex watches with prominent small seconds are often called “doctor watches” by collectors.

– With the exception of vintage models, most rectangular Rolex watches are made of solid gold or platinum.

– Rectangular Rolex watches usually do not have a screw-down crown or case back.

The rectangular Rolex Prince was one of the brand’s first wristwatches. First produced in 1928, Rolex Prince was designed to capitalize on the rectangular watch trend. As one of Rolex’s earliest creations, this watch was available in very limited quantities and is now worth a fortune. Rolex has also produced a number of square and rectangular Cellini timepieces over the years, and even revived the Prince collection in the Cellini collection; however, Rolex no longer offers any squares or rectangular watch in its modern collection.

Rectangular watches have an enduring tradition and are beloved for their unique shape, exclusivity and inherent elegance, if you also love rectangular Rolex watches, you can choose Cellini Rolex replica.