Many people have a soft spot for Rolex green dial watches. There are many green watches officially released by Rolex, do you know if there is a green Rolex watch that makes you excited?

Today we recommend 2 green dial Rolex watches for everyone. It should be noted that they are not officially made by Rolex, but are modified and customized based on Rolex watches, mainly to serve those who pursue personalization.

DiW: Sea-Dweller Hunter Arabic

The first thing to introduce is the Sea-Dweller Hunter Arabic of the well-known watch modification brand DiW. The biggest feature is the carbon fiber material. You can see that the case and bezel of this watch are made of carbon fiber with some stainless steel elements, which is very aesthetically pleasing.

The dial of the watch is dark green, and according to their official statement, green represents growth and breakthrough, and can bring a different experience. The time scale design of the dial refers to the Arabic-Indian numerals, which has a sense of history. With a green north latitude nylon strap, the overall visual perception is quite good.

It is worth mentioning that modified products are usually handmade by artisans, so their watches are usually limited editions. It is reported that this green dial watch is limited to 10 pieces and is priced at 43,990 euros.

AET REMOULD:Biscay Green

As a comparison, we chose a light green model for the second recommendation. Biscay Green Rolex watch is from the German watch modification brand AET REMOULD. The dial of the watch is filled with a color which is called “Biscay Green”. According to the official introduction, this clear and transparent light green comes from the color of the waters of the Bay of Biscay in Spain, which can make people feel comfortable and cool. .

In addition, the digital scale of the bezel also adopts this tone, which further amplifies the visual appeal. The matching ceramic case and strap also have excellent texture. The watch provides two classic colors of white ceramic and black ceramic. The pure white ceramic is matched with more contrast, showing freshness and vitality, while the black ceramic with a strong visual contrast, to make it look more mature and stable.

It is reported that the watch is limited to 18 pieces and it is priced at 59,600 euros. We have not seen any official information about the limited edition and pricing of this watch.

Compared with the official green dial Rolex watches, which one do you prefer to?