For the past hundred years, oblong watches have been the timepiece of choice for sophisticated, discerning collectors who crave originality. In fact, the Cartier Tank, beloved for its angular shape, is often considered the most iconic rectangular watch of all time, and those who wear rectangular watches are also known for their simple and thorough adoration for them.

While Cartier may have made rectangular watches famous, many other manufacturers have also designed their own angular watches, gaining loyal followers in the process. Among these brands, Rolex has produced many square and rectangular watches over the years, and the most famous series is the Rolex Cellini collection.

Rolex Cellini 4651

This unisex Rolex Cellini watch is a bold and personalized gift for any discerning collector. We love the way this watch exudes retro appeal, with a sleek exotic wood dial and a diamond-set bezel. While the 18k yellow gold, 27mm x 29mm case is actually octagonal. It’s extra long, making it rectangular, so collectors largely see it as a rectangular watch.

With a diamond bezel of up to 54 diamonds and a wooden dial, the Rolex Cellini 4651 is deliberately simplified. It has only the hour and minute hands. The Rolex crown is at 12 o’clock, and the Cellini logo is on the lower half. What collectors also love about this Cellini is its 18k gold integrated bracelet, which attaches directly to the case. The bracelet also features a hidden crown clasp for a perfectly seamless look. Rolex Cellini 4651 watch is stunning from every angle, and this rectangular Rolex watch is sure to catch your eye, whether paired with jeans and a T-shirt, or a black tie for a formal occasion.

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