As the most famous brand in the world, Rolex watches are known for their precision and design. The Swiss watchmaker has produced some of the world’s most recognizable watches, such as the Datejust to the Daytona. However, its oblong watches have been largely unknown for decades.

Below we take a closer look at one of the outstanding rectangular Rolex Cellini watches: Rolex Cellini 4320 watch.

Generally, rectangular watches may wear more than the case size indicates. On a traditional watch with a round case, the diameter is only related to the widest part of the watch, while on a square or rectangular watch, the numbers that are listed apply to the entire height and width of the watch. You can think of it this way, a square will always have a larger surface area than a circle for the same width of the shape. Hence this vintage Rolex Cellini 4320 watch with the case diameter of 30mm is ideal for both men’s and women’s wrists.

Created in the 1970s, this unique unisex Rolex Cellini watch features a hand-wound movement and an integrated gold mesh bracelet. Also, since it is a member of the Cellini collection, it doesn’t have Rolex’s water-resistant Oyster case, but instead has a standard push-pull crown and traditional snap-on caseback. Given the watch’s dress-oriented styling and hand-wound movement, the absence of an Oyster case is perfectly acceptable and allows for more convenient day-to-day operation.

The dial of this Rolex Cellini 4320 is very clean, without seconds and hour markers of any kind, and the only exception is the Rolex crown at 12 o’clock. However, the watch’s distinctive gold bezel is engraved with markers corresponding to the hour markers and minute track, allowing this unique rectangular Rolex to offer an incredibly clean dial without sacrificing any functionality.

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