If the Rolex brand watches are classified, they can be roughly divided into three categories: the first is sports watches such as the Submariner or the Daytona, the second is the Datejust series, and the third is the Cellini. So today we will review on the dress Rolex watches in the following, so that everyone can understand the Rolex brand more comprehensively.

Rolex Datejust Watch

Many people classify the Datejust watch as a dress watch, but I think it is a versatile daily wear watch, which can hold the scene at any occasion, especially the stylish and deep blue dial is treated with radial brushing, which makes it more beautiful. It increases its glossiness, and the 41mm diameter is very easy for men to control the recognizable appearance, and it also shows the unique design and excellent performance of the brand, especially the high-cold 18K white gold triangle pit bezel, and “ROLEX” vaguely written on the inner ring are charming.

This blue Rolex Datejust watch has also obtained the Super Chronometer certification established by Rolex in 2015, which guarantees the precise travel time and excellent quality of the watch. It is also loved by many people for its stylish appearance and excellent performance.

Rolex Cellini series m50535-0002 watch

Rolex has always been a traditional watchmaking process to show people its elegant and extraordinary temperament, but the appearance of the Cellini moon phase watch completely broke people’s cognition of Rolex. The diameter of the case is 39 mm and it is made of 18ct eternal rose gold. The bezel combines the elements of the classic round bezel and the triangular pit bezel, which makes the whole watch look more round and regular without losing the characteristics of Rolex. There is a blue enamel moon phase disc at 6 o’clock, showing the full moon and the new moon. There are dozens of stars carved around the moon.

The Cellini moon phase watch has also obtained the top chronometer certification laid by Rolex in 2015. It can exert top performance in all aspects such as accuracy, power reserve, and waterproofing. The average error of the timepiece is within plus or minus two seconds per day, which is more than twice as accurate as a common observatory-certified precision timepiece.

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