Rolex is the best watch in the hearts of many people. The price of Rolex watches is not particularly expensive among high-end brands, but the quality and durability are first-class. Therefore, when sports watches have become mainstream in the market in recent years, Rolex watches have been more and more popular. The value of the Rolex watch continues to rise, so Rolex, which was originally regarded as a “national high-end watch”, is now more and more unattainable. Although the entry threshold for Rolex watches has been raised, at present, if you can own a popular model of the Rolex brand, you can almost determine its value-preserving effect, and the price may rise in a short period of time.

Generally speaking, the price of a Rolex stainless steel sports watch is about 20,000 dollars, depending on the series and functions, the price will also be high and low, and for the three most famous Rolex steel watches include Submariner, Daytona and GMT-Master II, the current market conditions are more than 140,000 RMB, especially the Daytona 116500LN breaks through the secondary market value of 280,000 RMB.

If you think that the steel Rolex wathes are expensive, then Cosmograph Daytona “Ref.6263”, Cosmograph Daytona “Ref.6265” and Cosmograph Daytona “Ref.6239” may exceed your imagination, because they are the top three Rolex watches with the highest value so far, and they are all worth far more than one million RMB. They are not currently available in the market. They are all senior watches that have a certain age, however, due to various factors, their value in the hearts of collectors has skyrocketed.

From the list of the three most expensive Rolex watches at present, it can be seen that Rolex Daytona occupies a very important position in the eyes of collectors, and only Ref.6265 is made of the precious metal case and the other two are stainless steel. However, its price is still surprisingly high. Therefore, in addition to the characteristics of high market value and fast liquidity of Rolex watches, if the rarer and more topical style is, it is very likely to have a top value that does not lose to top brand watches such as Audemars Piguet or Patek Philippe.