The previous Cellini series featured a gentle and elegant design style, echoing Rolex’s very early inspiration to pay tribute to the famous Renaissance artist Benvenuto Cellini. However, even though the development history of this series is not short, the shape design has also changed with different periods, there have been changes and adjustments, overall it is still difficult to establish an equivalent product impression with the Rolex Oyster series, so it has been quiet for a while since the last Cellini series debut.

In 2014, Rolex launched the new Cellini series, although the name and the style setting of Dress Watch also followed the old rules, it has undergone major changes in appearance again. This time, the brand integrates classical styling elements into its own watch design features, and then integrates contemporary aesthetic viewpoints and watch wearing habits, to give birth to a very new look of the Cellini series. The first batch of the new Cellini series has three functional styles. This time, we are to introduce the three-pin date version. The three styles are all the same 39mm round cases. Each functional style is also available in white gold or eternal rose gold with a black dial or white dial to intertweave into 4 versions, and the rich options try to satisfy the discerning psychology of consumers.

The rebirth of the Cellini series represents that Rolex’s ambition to expand into different market types has not diminished, and the new delicate styling connotation, such as the double-layered arc of the case and the triangular pit pattern, and the Rayon Flammé de la Gloire radiation pattern on the three-hand date dial etc., can detect the intention and sincerity of the brand design. In addition, these three Cellini watches all use automatic winding movements, which are more practical and convenient in terms of current wearing habits.

The Cellini series used to belong to the less popular styles of Rolex. After all, it is difficult to have a chance to show off under the edge of the Oyster sports watch. However, from the action of Rolex’s revival of the Cellini series in 2014, it is not difficult to understand that the brand hopes to make up for its shortcomings in the Dress Watch field. Looking at the new design of the Cellini watch this time, you can feel that the interpretation of Rolex’s characteristics is very in place, and it is very beautiful. Now you can get it by visiting the replica Cellini Rolex.