For Rolex’s products, in addition to the famous Oyster Perpetual Oyster Perpetual series, the Cellini series uses manual winding movements, and does not use Oyster case, has always been a style that has received less attention. Updates of the Rolex Cellini watches are also slower. However, at the Baselworld Basel Watch Fair in 2014, Rolex launched a new Cellini series. The automatic movement, screw-in structure and dual-time functions that have not appeared in this series of watches before are in the new Cellini series. It is the biggest breakthrough of Rolex in recent years.

The Cellini series first appeared in the 1960s, which is different from the traditional Oyster Perpetual series and is only made of precious metals. Its name comes from the Italian Renaissance, the name of the highly respected artist, goldsmith and papal sculptor Benvenuto Cellini, showing that Rolex returns to its classical roots on the one hand, and reinterprets its essence with a modern approach on the other hand.

The new Cellini series is divided into three styles, of which Cellini Time is a classic and concise three-hand watch with hours, minutes and seconds display functions; while for the Cellini Date,  the date dial and hands which are located at the three o’clock position can provide complete information. The Cellini Dual Time watch is the most complex style in function and structure, with a special display design that has never appeared in Rolex watches in the past. These three watches are all made of two kinds of precious metals, and each has a black and white dial, so Rolex launched the Cellini series in 2014, with a total of 12 new models, and you can check replica Cellini Rolex to have one here.

Rolex has launched a new Cellini series, among which the Cellini Dual Time is the most complicated watch in the series and uses the 3180 automatic movement. This movement has been certified by the Swiss COSC Observatory and has an excellent two-way automatic winding system. The screw fine-tuning balance wheel is also equipped with a blue Parachrom Breguet hairspring, which has excellent performance of high anti-magnetic and shock resistance.