If you have no choice on how to choose your first Rolex watch, you can follow our recommendations on the basic Rolex watches here.

New Explorer I 124270


The Rolex Explorer I in 2021 unexpectedly changed to the classic size of the 36mm size, which will cause a situation of polarization. For those who pursue the original nature of the series, of course, they are happy to see the return of 36mm Explorer I, but there is also a faction that people who think the wearing standard is a requirement is believed that the 36mm may not be suitable when comparing to the 39mm of the previous generation. And this makes some people who are targeting Explorer I watches turn to seek alternatives. Although the movement of the new Explorer I 124270 has been upgraded to 3230, because of its smaller diameter, the price has to be lowered to NT$ 212,500. because the new Explorer I is not a particularly popular style in the market, so its premium is relatively limited, but it is still relatively easy to buy it.

Oyster Perpetual 124200

As the basic model of Rolex’s basic watches, the Oyster Perpetual will definitely appear on this list. Originally, the Oyster Perpetual was easy to buy, but after the models in 2020 changed with more colorful lacquer, it accidentally caused the hot sale of this candy color and has led to exaggerated premiums for some styles of Oyster Perpetual. At present, 41mm or 36mm lacquer Oyster Perpetual is relatively difficult to start with, but if you are willing to make some concessions to the case size, the 34mm without lacquer is much better to start. The 34mm Oyster Perpetual Ref.124200 watch is at the price of NT$174,500, and the market demand for this size is definitely not as high as 41mm or 36mm Oyster Perpetual watches.

Today, when the most popular Rolex models are extremely difficult to obtain, the above two models are relatively easy to obtain because of the low prices and low market demand. If you have no specific preference for which series of Rolex watches, giving priority to the above styles can logically speed up your promotion to become a Rolex watch owner. When you are able to choose more Rolex watches, you can consider the Rolex Submariner watches to have the classic ones.