Although the Cellini now uses a waterproof case with a waterproof lock, it is not the iconic Oyster waterproof case of Rolex. Because Rolex currently defines the Oyster case as 100 meters waterproof, while the new Cellini watch is only 50 meters. However, even if it is only 50 meters waterproof, as long as there is a lock handle, there is no problem when you wear it for washing hands and flushing cold water in basic daily use. Compared with the previous old Cellini, it is much more convenient.

At the same time, this generation of Rolex Cellini still adopts the brand’s iconic dense bottom design, and the self-produced Cal.3195 self-winding mechanical movement inside cannot be seen. The back cover is slightly arched, giving it the feel of an antique Rolex bubble back.

The most unique part this time is not waterproof and automatic winding, but its moon phase function. In its 112-year brand history, Rolex has only launched three watches with moon phase functions, namely Ref.8171, Ref.6062 and the Ref.50535. It has been nearly 70 years since Rolex last introduced the moon phase watch. Unlike the previous moon phase watch, this Ref.50535 is more refined and luxurious. Its moon phase dial is a whole piece of blue enamel, which has been fired at 800°C to make it dense and hard. At the same time, the full moon is made of natural meteorites. Through the triangular mark in the center of the dial, you can know the change of the moon’s profit and loss by comparison.

Unlike the moon phase watches designed by other brands, the viewing function of the moon phase of the Rolex Cellini Ref.50535 watch is far greater than its practical function. Because its moon phase can only be read accurately on the full moon and the dark moon, other days can only be guessed. The purpose of this design is to maximize the beauty of the craftsmanship of enamel and meteorite moon phases.

And for such beauty, the Cellini Ref.50535 also has an unknown configuration. In order to prevent counterfeiting, Rolex has gradually etched a miniature crown at the 6 o’clock position on the sapphire crystal of most of its models since 2002. If you need to check this secret, the easiest way is to light it with a flashlight from a horizontal side in a dark environment.

In addition to the anti-counterfeiting small crown, this Ref.50535 has a very special pattern. The lower part of this Rolex crown has two oval windows and a horizontal line. This means that it is equipped with a double-coated inner and outer mirror, rather than an uncoated or single-coated version. Through this inner and outer double-coated mirror, you can appreciate the beauty of the enamel moon phase more intuitively and clearly.

The Rolex Cellini Ref.50535 watch, equipped with lock handle waterproof and automatic mechanical movement, has broken through the historical image of the original Cellini watch, and even added the moon phase function, to be the unique Rolex Cellini watch. Visit Cellini Rolex replica for more choices on Rolex Cellini watches.