Reason one: because of the brand effect. As an international watch brand, Rolex watches will definitely not be cheap for watch maintenance. Although Rolex is not the top watch brand in the world, its status can never be shaken at will. And for Rolex, whether it is a steel watch or a gold watch, the materials used are the top, reaching the extreme of all watch materials. Rolex’s global price system is also very strict, and there are sound measures to prevent cross-selling, so the bargaining space of Rolex Cellini watches is very small.

Reason two: because of the high cost of time and effort. The craftsmanship of the Rolex watch itself is complex, and there are many small parts inside the watch. The watch with complex internal structure often takes several hours to disassemble. This is still the cost of time of the masters who have been in the watch repair industry for many years. And repairing a watch is not a simple matter. Watch repair is more like a handicraft, and the labor cost is high.

Reason three: because of the cost of the watchmaker. To become an experienced watch repairer, you must spend a lot of money to buy relevant information books and tools, and practice the movement. In the process of learning and repairing, several movements may be dismantled in order to gain some knowledge, so learning the skills of repairing watches is not an easy task in itself, and high-end Rolex watches have more complex internal structures and it is more difficult to repair, and the professional level of the repairman is also high, which is very time-consuming.

Reason four: because of the high cost of parts. If you find that a part inside the Rolex Cellini watch is broken during the disassembly and maintenance process, you need to add money to replace it. The more expensive the watch, the more expensive the parts, thus the maintenance costs of the replica Cellini Rolex are naturally high.