Rolex Yacht-Master II watch is a new series that is completely separated from the first generation. Although it is called the Rolex Yacht-Master II watch, it is essentially completely different in appearance from the first generation of Rolex Yacht-Master. In fact, a lot of people think this generation is closer to the Rolex Daytona in style, and it is more like a pure sports watch.

The Rolex Yacht-Master II 116680 watch has a labor price of 145,000 RMB. The overall market price of the watch in the secondary market ranges from more than 110,000 to 130,000 RMB. It is rarely seen among the Rolex watches now, as its second-hand price is lower than the labor price.

The market of Rolex has indeed experienced a very exaggerated increase recently, but under such an increase, the Rolex Yacht-Master II has not increased in price significantly. In an objective and rigorous attitude, let’s briefly analyze the reasons for the general market of Rolex Yacht-Master II in the follows.

Firstly, there is no historical precipitation, and most people do not recognize Rolex Yacht-Master II 116680 is a Rolex watch, which is the main reason for the bad performance of the Rolex Yacht-Master II. Secondly, it is too big and too thick. Although the function is cool, the watch diameter of 44mm and the thickness of 15.6mm is not suitable for small wrists. Thirdly, the complexity of the movement is high, and the spare parts are very expensive. It may be fine in the warranty, but many masters will not repair it when it is out of warranty, and its normal maintenance cost may be twice that of an ordinary Rolex Daytona watch.

In the face of this market, some people are reluctant to buy Rolex Yacht-Master II watch. If you are not in a hurry to buy, you can wait and see for another 1 or 2 months, instead of blindly starting in this period when the tentative quotation is more than the real transaction price. Of course, it depends on the real situation of each person. If you really like this Rolex watch, you can buy second-hand or the replica Rolex Yacht-Master II watches at will.