There is no such thing as a watch that is always good in minutes. All watches have an error range when timing, and this range varies from country to region, and Rolex will also have such errors. There is no completely accurate watch, and how much is the time error of the Rolex mechanical watch, and how to fix it?

How much is the time error of the Cellini Rolex replica in a day?

Rolex Cellini watches allow a daily error of about 30 seconds, and the error within this range can be called accurate time, which is based on the Swiss Observatory’s certification system (C.O.S.C.), and the stricter Geneva mark also allows the watch to be slower by 3 seconds per day or a tolerance of 2 seconds faster. As long as the error is within the range of about 30 seconds, it is considered to be qualified. If there is an excess error, it is a fault and you must first take it to the mechanical calibration tester to test qualitatively.

The reliability of a mechanical watch is determined by the degree of frequency stability which is generated by its balance spring. The use of the watch is affected by many internal and external factors, which causes the balance spring to vibrate in simple resonance and cause time errors in the watch. The careful adjustment will relatively reduce the error, but it cannot be completely ruled out. Therefore, as long as the time of the watch meets the accuracy index of the watch, it has no problem. When adjusting the watch, you don’t need to adjust it often. Anyway, after adjusting it once, it is just fine-tuning.

How to adjust the time error of the replica Cellini Rolex watch?

When you are to adjust the time error of the Rolex mechanical watch, please do not adjust the date during 22:00 to 2:00 (some watches are during 20:00 to 4:00), which may easily cause damage to the watch and incorrect calendar jumps. In other words, you can try to adjust the time of the mechanical watch during the day. Different watches of Rolex are adjusted in different ways, but when adjusting a watch with a calendar function, you need to consider the morning and afternoon factors.

In order to prolong the service life of the Rolex Cellini replica watch, many Cellini watches use the slow-jump method, that is, gradually jump in the time period around midnight. Generally, it is normal to complete the jump before 2:00 in the morning, and some watches are completed until 4:00 in the morning.